Friday, 21 March 2014

Y Dymokratia


Something is very wrong with the Great Amerikan Democracy – when a man can be fined 1,000 dollars for dropping a cigarette end in the street.  When thugs in uniform hold a peaceful  man down and burn his genitals with a taser stun-gun, until bystanders could smell his burning flesh… If this is the ‘Land of the Free’, then, as Goofy would say:  “Hmmmm…  somethin’ wrong here!”

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone:   WHY?


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Taser International: WE WILL EXTERMINATE YOU

In this issue of The Limpet:  
Taser International:  We Will Exterminate You.''   
Thousands of Mexicans honk their car-horns at the U.S. border after taser brutality.  Aborigine taser-riot.  Taser-grenades being tested in Afghanistan.  Was mistaken-identity a factor in Jordan Begley's taser-death?  The curious case of 'The Stepford Four'.  
The Limpet is the journal of the RESIST CARDIAC ARREST Campaign - A Direct Current Of Resistance To Electro-Coercion.


Manchester, Britain.

Britain:  Pain-Compliance:


The Stepford Four:

The Stepford Four and the police murder of Jean Charles de Menezes:

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Monday, 16 September 2013

FRACTIVISM momentary discomfort only

The Limpet’s monthly look at the World and its troubles.     A world in which tap-water burns and peace-keepers attack the peaceful protectors of our natural resources.  Corrupt council’s plans to bury beaches under boulders are rejected by the government and thug-cops kill teenaged artists in the street.  Dissent and protest are stifled by governments and their praetorian guards.  120 Tibetans burn themselves to death whilst the World is fed a diet of ‘celebrities’, sports and techno-gadgets.  At least Penzance still has its beach, and that's what gave birth to The Limpet in the first place....

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Flaming tap-water, the result of hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’:

“Some momentary discomfort” as police frack fractivists in the neck:

Demolition of Triple Towers, NYC: 11.9.01:
Petition to protect Cornish Badgers:
Note:  There are other worthwhile petitions to be found at this site….


British Heart Foundation:


OOOhh-Aaaarrr! It’s Cattle-Prod-Cornwall!                 A recent survey by the Grudniad newspaper looked into the phenomenon of electro-torture by state-agents or police taser-usage, as the liberals prefer to call it.  As most of you probably know by now, a stun-gun can be used in two ways – either as a harpoon, when the barbs are fired into the victim or ‘force-recipient’ in newspeak; or as a cattle-prod, when the weapon is applied directly to the person.  It is significant that the top three police-forces (sorry- “Services”) in the ‘Drive-Stun-Charts’ are all rural, rustic forces:  Wiltshire;  Norfolk and Devon & Cornwall Constabulary.  Perhaps these cops are all ex-farm boys, used to rounding up their cows with electric cattle-prods…  In Devon & Cornwall, over 10% of ALL taser “usage” has been in “Stun-Drive” or “Cattle-Prod Mode”.  Yeehaa cowboy!


G20:  Unite for Tibet:

And finally, a scientific graph demonstrating the complex relationship between government and the People: