Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Oppose Police Brutality

Hi Babies!  This month The Limpet is raising awareness of Police-Brutality and encouraging you to stand up and challenge it. Please share the petitions and spread the word.  Spend a few minutes working for peace and justice.  
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Save Irish Seals:

This Library is Your Library

Casualties in the Tory Class-War:  DEATH BY AUSTERITY

Hammond, Indiana Police and Jamal Jones

Tamir Rice – 12 year old killed by cop.          
Harold Hempstead/Darren Rainey – Florida Prison Killing.

John Paul Quintero, tasered and shot dead by Wichita Police.

Don’t Punish a Good Cop for Standing Up to Police Brutality.


The Human Cost of USUK Foreign Policy:

Whilst Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall and David Camoron, Prime Minister of Britain rush to ingratiate themselves with the barbaric and totalitarian Saudi regime, terrified of losing Britain’s fat arms-deal with one of the World’s most brutal and unjust dictatorships, a citizen of Saudi Arabia is being repeatedly flogged in public – his crime? Daring to promote Free Speech and discussion in a closed society.  Please help him.

Get Up, Stand Up – Wailers, Live, 1973.

Get Up, Stand Up...                                                                            
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Monday, 8 December 2014

Konsel Kernow Kleptos

Concerning Penzance Public Library:  If public servants sell off the Public Library, which is a public asset;  without first securing a mandate of public approval,  then what is to distinguish such public servants from common thieves, hustlers and short-change-artists?  

We should remember that Konsel Kernow (Cornwall Council) exists in spite of  the wishes of the people of Kernow (Cornwall).  When asked in a referendum whether to keep the old system of local councils, or to merge them into a ‘unitary-authority’, the people overwhelmingly rejected the idea of a single council for Kernow.  Not happy with the result of this vote, our ‘public servants’  simply went ahead and created Cornwall Council – a permanent monument to their contempt for Democracy.  

With such an ethos as their foundation, Konsel Kernow are now proposing to sell off Penzance Library, and the St.Claire council offices, and run both operations from St.John’s Hall – the de facto town hall of Penzance.  This kind of asset-stripping, whilst slashing public services, is a bit like the old Russian tale of the peasant who cuts the bottom off his kaftan so that he can mend his sleeve with it.  At least it was his kaftan!

Libraries  belong to the people.  Moving our library from a well-lit building, into an artificially-lit basement is NOT a good idea.   If you are not happy about C.C.'s plans, please contact your council and take action to protect the library.  

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


"Bes den heb tavas a golhas e dir”  These words in the ancient Brythonek language of Kernow, or Cornwall, mean: “ A man who has lost his tongue has lost his land".  

Gerlyver Kernewek – Cornish Dictionary:

Kernouac Wiki!

William Lovett, a Great Cornish Radical from Newlyn:

Wall Street Journal article on Kurnooic:!topic/

Do an internet search for:  Bounkham Habersham County

Save the nightingales:

Bal - Films on mining...

An Brennigenn - Heb Kost.  The Limpet is Free.

Other productions from The Invertebrate Press:

Duw genowgh hwi!

Thursday, 11 September 2014


It's not about money - it's about SELF-DETERMINATION.

Time to cast off the Butcher's Apron...

Monday, 4 August 2014

Friday, 4 July 2014


Millions killed, maimed, displaced, bereaved, brutalized, exploited and oppressed.  Millions made on the arms-trade, industry and venture-capitalism.  Great for the Banking & Factory-Owning-Class – not so Great for the Working Class/Soldiering Class.  

A Bayonet is a weapon with a Worker on each end of it.